The Norwegian National Crime Prevention Council (KRAD)


Members of The Norwegian National Crime Prevention Council - May 2012.

The Norwegian National Crime Prevention Council (KRÅD) functions as the Norwegian Government’s body of expertise within the judicial system. We are a Government agency working under the Ministry of Justice.

The council was founded in 1980, and is free and independent in selecting matters to focus on and what kind of advice it chooses to give. It cannot be instructed as long as it works within the limits of its mandate. The Norwegian crime policy’s main aim is to prevent crimes taking place.

By producing data and disseminating knowledge on crime and crime prevention work The Norwegian National Crime Prevention Council works to reduce crime and improve levels of safety in society.

The Council also evaluate reforms, survey research to develop new knowledge and provide support for local crime prevention work. The Council works on commission from the Norwegian Government, often in collaboration with other organisations and public sector agencies.

The Council’s target groups are decision makers and employees within the justice system, as well as operatives in the fi eld of crime prevention and members of the general public with an interest in and a need for the knowledge we possess.

The Norwegian National Crime Prevention Council is modelled after existing organisations in Denmark and Sweden. The council is appointed by the Government for periods of three years at the time. The council has a secretariat with seven permanent employees. The mandate states that the council shall contribute to the coordination of crime preventive ventures between official authorities and private organisations.

The council focuses on young people and is given the following as primary tasks:

  • Initiate cooperation with other authorities and organisations, giving advice and guidance to crime prevention strategies and actions and incite research connected with this
  • Initiate and support crime prevention work centrally and locally
  • Work on tasks, give advice and attend hearings in cooperation with or on assignment from the Ministry of Justice or other ministries
  • Contribute to the understanding of the importance of crime prevention on all levels in the Norwegian society
  • Participate in the criminology debate

One of KRÅD’s main tasks is to encourage local municipalities to follow a model for coordination of local crime preventive enterprises (or SLT which is the abbreviation in Norwegian).

This model came to use in Norway in the beginning of the 1990’s after it had been proven very successful in Denmark.

At the present approximately 180 of 430 Norwegian municipalities is working after this model. The key factor is to coordinate all cooperation in the municipality in this field. This requires that the municipal authorities at top level and the local head of the police make a promise to be involved by participating in an administrative board. One person will be engaged as a coordinator.

KRÅD receives funding from the Ministry of Justice to distribute amongst municipalities who choose to adopt this way of work. 

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